1st International Computer Engineering Conference
New Technologies for the Information Society

Faculty of Engineering,
Cairo University
Cairo, EGYPT
December 27-30, 2004

Best Sessions Papers

Session 1a, Network Analysis

  • Routing Tradeoffs inside a d-Dimensional Torus with Applicability to CAN, M. Guirguis, A. Bestavros, I. Matta
  • A Distributed Bandwidth-Guaranteed Routing Algorithm for Point-to-Multipoint VPLS Virtual Connections, N. Abu Ali, H. Mouftah, S. Gazor
Session 1b, Image Processing Applications
  • An Efficient Face Region Detection for Video Indexing, J. Kim, S. Lee, J. Baek

Session 2a, Network Modeling

  • An Improved Model for IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol K. Khayyat, F. Gebali
Session 2b, Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • Distributed Processing Over Loosely Coupled Networks, A. Amin, A. Azab, H. Al-Mohandes, A. Darwish
  • Automated Method for Building CNOT Based Quantum Circuits for Boolean Functions, A. Younes, J. Miller

Session 3a, Ad-Hoc and Wireless Networks

  • An Efficient Reclustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, M. Al-kahtani, H. Mouftah
Session 3b, Neural Networks
  • A Multi-Classifier Approach to Self-Supervised Learning, N. El Gayar
Session 4a, Network Management
  • Traffic Congestion in Computer Network and its Avoidance by Reinforcement Learning T. Horiguchi, K. Hayashi, A. Tretiakov
Session 4b, Data Compression
  • Optimizing the Tree Structure in the Lossless Binary Tree Predictive Coding, Z. Chen, M. El-Sakka

Session 5a, Image Processing and Hardware Components

  • Hadamard Transform in H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10: A Hardware Prototype, I. Amer, W. Badawy, G. Jullien
Session 5b, Computational Intelligence
  • A Neural Network Approach to Stock Market Prediction Using Peak & Trough Analysis, H. Abdelazim, F. Badawy

Session 6a, QoS in Networks

  • New Chain Construction for Multicast Stream Authentication Q. Abuein, S. Shibusawa
Session 6b, Knowledge Discovery and Web Mining
  • A Framework for Information Extraction, Storage and Retrieval, S. El-Beltagy, M. Said, K. Shaalan
  • Ontology-Aided Web Search Assistant, M. Kamel, E. Powers, A. Lee

Session 7a, Communications Networks

  • Reducing the Risk of the Honest Dealer Assumption in Robust Threshold RSA Function Sharing, M. Ibrahim
Session 7b, Computational Intelligence
  • A Near Optimal Predictive Image Encoding Algorithm, S. Zahir

Session 8a, Intelligent Agents

  • Localization, Mapping and Feature Discovery of a Platoon of Cooperative Heterogeneous Mobile Robots Using Colored Circles and RGB Images, M. El Kaissi, M. Elgamel, M. Bayoumi
  • Web-enabling Legacy Systems via Presentation Access From Webulation to Automation, M. El-Ramly
Session 8b, Neural Networks and Hardware Components
  • Rapid Prototyping of Tricore SoC Without Software Hooks, Colt R. Correa, Jefferey P. Stumpff, Selim Awad